Dear Colleague(s),

We cordially invite you to the [2012 International Conference of the Honam Mathematical Society], to be held from 15-17 June 2012, in Jeju National University, Republic of Korea. Please find the attached pdf-file of the titles, subject areas, and invited speakers.

Jeju has a mild oceanic climate throughout the year with the smallest annual temperature range in the country. The temperature for the hottest summer months averages no more than 35.8 ℃ in Jeju City and 33.0 ℃ in Seogwipo and no less than -2.3℃ in Jeju City and -2.7 ℃ in Seogwipo for winter (from http://english.jeju.go.kr/).

The conference is technically co-sponsored by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, Korean Mathematical Society, Jeju National University, etc. The registration fee includes proceedings, lunches, banquet, coffee breaks, and all technical sessions.

Join us at this major event in beautiful Jeju island.

Organizing Committee

P.S.: Kindly forward to your colleagues and (graduate) students in your school or department.

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